nailed it!

Spring is here! Yes, I know this has been a fact for a little while now, but I can’t help but exclaim it anyway! Why am I so excited too? Especially since I am now down to NINE toenails right in the forefront of sandal season! And yes, you read that right…on the eve of May 1st my beloved right big toe nail went to be with its maker….the trashcan. You may recall the event leading up to this situation…it wasn’t pretty…However, the nail lived a long life, always providing me with a nice big canvas for all my OPI fancies….allowing me to kick, strut, and skip my way through many a season.

Toe nail, you will be missed…

Let’s hope it’s replacement is worthy of my new “The one that Got Away” color 🙂

Nail or not, I’m still excited to rock a new crop of sandals this season, as well as some other very tantalizing trends coming our way!

Here are some things I have GOT to buy before May flys away!

What’s on your spring shopping list? 

hearts and hugs,




  1. two things:
    1. Ew about the nail, but to keep going with the gross subject, I lost a nail once, and during the course of the healing I would still paint my “skin” in its spot to make the best of my pedicured look!
    2. I have spent the morning doing just that: catching up on my spring/summer item hunt. Thanks to twitter, I’ve had some blogger help to snag some great deals (p.s. do you have a twitter, i think u are my only blogger friend that I currently don’t have a twitter for), and I got a pair of white cropped jeans and a bold turquoise necklace and feather earrings. happy day!
    oh and one more thing (#2.5) I am crushing on jump suits but am reluctant to buy one. because i’m not sure if i’ll ever wear it. i wear shorts and i wear dresses, not sure if there will be times in between where i will want a shorts/dress (shress? drorts?) that one is still in deliberation.

    • haha well be glad I didn’t post a picture! only my family got that sweet surprise in their inboxes the next day 🙂 *evil laugh*

      oh, and no, I don’t have a twitter account…I’ve never been on it before! It confuses me, I don’t know how to use it! haha

      and the jumpsuit thing turned me off at first, because (and I’m being honest here!) I was thinking it would be awkward to go to the bathroom wearing that! I mean, you practically have to undress to pee! But alas, after snagging one at an anthro sale, I changed my mind…pee-ing wasn’t meant to be easy….(TMI!!!!)


      • bahahahaha i never even considered the peeing aspect of it!! yikes that is awkward.
        You need to get Twitter. I didn’t get it before blogging either. But now it’s a great way to find new blogs, and interact with bloggers on a more personal/instant level. It’s like a whole underground blogger twitter community out there! Like in my post today, I mentioned I got so much helpful shopping help! It’s also cool to interact with companies. If I mention a brand in my tweet, they are usually great at responding or thanking me or retweeting my comments about my purchase or recipes if i use their product. It’s a good way to make blogger friends and grow your blog. The interaction is really fun. Hope to tweet you soon 😉

    • i’ll have to check it out! I know a lot of friends love it….it might be time to tweet! (twitter? haha I don’t know!)

  2. i got some cute stuff from MNG! i think i’ll do a blog post about it, so stop by in a little bit 🙂

  3. hey boodles, i blogged about fashion too cuz you inspired me. mainly about mng. he he.

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