into the shopping wild…

Every culture has a sub culture. Our society is so A.D.D. that we simply cannot focus on one thing and one thing alone. We have to add to it. So instead of “Rock music”, we have “Indie Rock”, “Soft Rock”, “Hard Rock”, “Classic Rock”, etc. The same goes for shopping. We’ve all heard terms like “shopaholic”, “window […]

remember that time?

we got stranded on a highway in the middle of Texas during a snow storm? Well…YOU weren’t there…and I’m pretty thankful for that. Otherwise you would have seen me at my most vulnerable…crying, angry, and peeing in an ice bucket in a moving vehicle while surrounded by members of my family. Should I back track […]

things to do while stuck in traffic…or when you’re just bored.

This past Saturday, driving home around 6:30pm, I got to witness the shutting down of 1-35 during prime Saturday night cruising hours. While I secretly mocked (okay, that was a lie….I cackled out loud) the other drivers’ pain for getting stuck in what was inevitably hours of standstill gridlock, I couldn’t help but wonder what […]

let’s kick this pig!

Am I the only one that ever says things like that when I’m about to leave a place? Anyone? What about: “Let’s bust this popsicle stand” “Let’s blow this joint” “Let’s make like a bread truck and get our buns out of here” “Let’s make like a tree and leave” (a bit of a stretch) […]

am I being punked?

Okay, I’m browsing on one of my favorite online shops…just perusing the merchandise (said with a Newsie’s accent), when I stumble across the following (highlighted in red in case you are having a bad eyesight day….or are not a fellow shopaholic…)  So….seriously…is this my lucky day? Or is this just one of those little “glitches” that […]

friday favorites…

I love my friday favorites posts. On the one hand, they involve one of my favorite pastimes (and present times…and future times….)…SHOPPING. On the other hand, they signify the ending of yet another work week, and the beginning of weekend fun! I have to say, I’ve been pretty exhausted lately. I go through periods of […]

oh gee thanks!

No, it’s not Thanksgiving…oh how I wish it were (helllloooo Fall!). No, it’s just a regular day…a regular, hot, stinky day. Which is why I need to take a moment to remember what I’m thankful for. Every once in a while it’s good to just stop…take a breath….and remember that life is a gift! Plus, […]

my fantasy draft: dinner party style…

The other day I was sitting on the floor in my living room (since I have no couch yet) cutting the tags off my newly purchased place-mats and table runner from TJ Maxx Home Goods, when I paused for a second to take a look at my beautifully clean yet very vacant dining table. I thought, “I’ve […]