spotlight: Rusty Zipper

Has someone invented a time machine yet? Anyone? I’d really appreciate the opportunity to set myself back in the hippic chic disco days of the 1960’s and 70’s, where plaid mini skirts and patent leather boots were considered acceptable office attire, and blue eyeshadow and glitter trends were the craze for more than just “ladies” named Crystal […]

picture spotlight: Segovia, Spain

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a spotlight post, so today I thought I’d revisit the topic, and shine my bedazzled flashlight on Segovia, Spain, a sleepy little city roughly 30 minutes from Madrid by train. My family and I spent a week in Madrid in the Spring of 2009 and fell in […]

the day I….(spotlight! Florence, Italy)

fished a bike out of the river. Let me explain….you see, each and every day, my roommates and I would cross over this bridge on our way to class. Now, the Arno is not known for being a “majestic” river. It is not beautiful, it is not all that clean, and I’m pretty sure the only animals […]

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte tre)

In my continuing reprise of my former vita in Italia, I want to move on to the time I spent in school. As you know, since I was coming upon the end of my bachelor’s degree, I had narrowed down my list of classes to a remaining set of “fluff courses”. You know the ones: […]

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte due)

Ciao! Come va? Earlier I began a spotlight on one of my favorite cities: Florence, Italy. I had the privilege of living in Florence during my senior year of college, and fell in love with the soul of this city. I briefly told you how I came about living in Florence, but now, in these […]

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte uno)

If you couldn’t already tell, a love for travelling runs deep in my veins. There is something about a new city (or a familiar haunt) that sends me into a tizzy of excitement. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the people….I can’t get enough! The world is a truly an amazing place. To think of […]

spotlight! Colin Firth

I’ve always been a big fan of biographies. In my list of favorite genres, they are right up there with historical fiction and chick-lit (don’t judge! it’s my summertime enjoyment!). There is something exciting to me about getting to transport yourself into another person’s life for the moment. We all know that most people generally […]