breaking the wall down, one heel at a time…

Ahhh stereotypes…they follow us around like gnats, or the plague, or the memory of that one horrible summer when you decided to cut your own bangs and wear a red track suit every day that swished when you walked. Shudder. I get stereotyped A LOT (well, we ALL do, really…). In middle school, I was as the “snobby sports […]

we’re starting with what???

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Urine. All by-products of one things: college preseason workouts. And yes, I said urine. Because sometimes, you just gotta go when you’re on that 3 mile trail run…mmmkay? I know by looking at me, you might think, “She was a college athlete? She wears pink and pearls, and she snorts when she […]