i’m tickled pink….or is it green?

I love Pinterest. Just love it. But I also hate it. It’s complicated really. You see, I love Pinterest because it brings me fabulous ideas, inspirations, etc. to gaze upon adoringly or bookmark in my many folders for later creative bursts or bridal brainsessions. It’s a site that I also hate because while I’m looking […]

wedding inspiration: the bridesmaids

I come from the school of thought that a bridesmaid should look GOOD next to the bride. I’ve never understood these women who dress their friends and sisters up in some lime green and pink polka-dotted, taffeta/polyester/satin combination monstrosity. Who wants to look at pictures of that for years to come? Yes, you would have […]

tuesday’s tip: don’t freak out.

If you haven’t read my recent blog, or been on Facebook in the past 24 hours, you miiiight not know one giant detail of my life…..that I’m getting married 🙂 Yup, let the freaking out money spending nail biting planning begin! Even though the actual proposal came as a major surprise, I knew for a […]

this ain’t no ordinary booth…

it’s a PHOTO booth!! Here are a few pics from Sarah Mae and David’s wedding, courtesy of Social Shots Photo Booth Company…enjoy! and my one of my favorites…. hearts and hugs, B.  

a nice day for a fall wedding…

The beginning of fall always signals the start of my mailbox filling up with invites and “Save the Dates” to weddings of friends and family. I’m not surprised…I love fall. To me, it’s one of the best times to get married….not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket (Name that […]

if I could…

The Royal Wedding is coming up…only 11 more days till Prince William and Kate Middleton finally tie the knot…I mean, it’s only been 8 years…they don’t want to rush things now, do they?? 🙂 Being the anglophile that I am, I’ve already read up on the wedding deets, from the guest list (ex boyfriends and […]