where did all the anvils go?

First of all, the title is a reference to one of my favorite shows “Gilmore Girls”. At the weekly Friday Night Dinner, Lorelai, in classic “talks-faster-than-she-thinks” mode, tries to divert attention from the current subject by going off on a rant about how anvils seemed to have just disappeared! Where did they all go? Seriously! WHERE ARE ALL THE ANVILS?

It makes me think (well, besides the obvious….what the heck is an anvil?) what else has just…gone missing? I mean, leaving out the norm, like Amelia Earheart, planes in the Bermuda triangle, and my will power around cupcakes…I’ve started to wonder about some of my old favorites, and how they went missing…

Nap time…where did it go? All kidding aside (well, maybe not ALL), I really do miss this staple of my childhood. I looked forward each and every day to laying down on my squishy, plastic covered floral print mat and getting my daily 30 minute quiet time. Granted, I could skip all the rules and formalities that came with it (Hands to your side! No pinching or biting your neighbor!), but other than that, I really think the U.S needs to jump on the siesta bandwagon, and ride that sleep train like there’s no tomorrow. After all, we’ve imitated so much from the Europeans already…why not imitate their sleep patterns too?

Letters in the mail…Ahhh, the thrill of opening up your bird poop covered mailbox and finding that gorgeous envelope with your name on it! What could it be? Who is it from? Birthdays and holidays were always marked with added excitement due to the arrival of cards from family…most containing some type of “prize” for its recipient. Yes, it took longer to send/receive, and of course, there is the cost of stamps rising, but the concept still remains dear to me. Knowing that someone cared enough to commit to that process of sending the letter…well, that’s just priceless 😉 Nowadays, my mailbox is mostly filled with solicitations and bills. I’m sorry, but there is NOTHING fabulous about that.

Classic TelevisionI’ve already talked about this a bit, but seriously…where did all the good, wholesome t.v go? Yes, we’ve still got great programs on the air, but with the constant introduction of new ones like Gigolos, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, and Saddle Ranch, it makes me yearn for the days when late night television consisted of the Dick Van Dyke show and re-runs of the Munsters…I’m not a prude, by no means, and will admit to a strange fascination with the Housewives, Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection, and the antics over at the Kardashian household, but even so, I gotta say…I really DO miss Tim the Tool-Man Taylor!

ARh ARh ARh ARh!

The two dollar bill…well, I don’t really have an opinion on this one, but even so…you know what I’d LOVE even more? A $1.50 bill….it’d make buying a drink at Sonic soooo much easier 🙂 Can someone get on that? Pleaseandthankyou.

Dime stores and soda shoppes (yes, shoppe with TWO “p’s”)…every once in a while, I get a craving for some penny candy or a Mars bar. Or on those hot summer days I REALLLLY want a satisfying sweet Shirley Temple, and sadly enough, soda shoppes are fewer and far between these days. You might be able to find one in that kitschy little town south of nowhere, but let’s face it….the “Shoppe” is a dying breed. Granted, my newest choice of summer beverage may start with Vodka and end in Tonic, but hey, just for old time’s sake, hows about we “cheers” with a good ole fashioned Root beer float?

holy yum batman!

Got any old favorites that you wish would make a triumphant return in your life?

 hearts and hugs,



  1. my friends and i occassionially send each other “hi i miss you” cards via snail mail. it’s always fun and unexpected. i also have an outrageous amount of magazine subscriptions to overcome the piles of crap i get in my mailbox. oh and large amounts of online shopping help make trips to get the mail more fun too 😉

    • so true! i love getting my “prizes” in the mail now that I buy a lot more online! I’m like a stalker of the UPS tracking page….okay, it’s made it to Kansas, now it’s in Oklahoma….IT’S IN TEXAS! YES! haha….it gets a little out of hand….

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