what’s black and green and blue all over?

It’s Monday. The start of a busy work week. The end of (for at least 5 days) the ability to drink at noon without people judging. The day you come back to work and realize why you were so eager to leave on Friday!! (I kid, I kid…my job is not horrible!!)

I’ve had some amazing weekends as of late, making it that much harder to come back in to work on Monday. This weekend was no exception. However, on top of the fun, I also learned some valuable lessons…Here are a few:

1. Never eat yogurt before a 10 mile run…..Seriously, just trust me on this one. Your insides will thank you 🙂

2. Always wear waterproof mascara when watching a sappy movie with friends…looking like a raccoon is SOOOO not in season! 😦

3. Putting a video camera in front of people doesn’t make them articulate…it brings out the crazy.

4. Don’t try to take the apple on the bottom of the pyramid stack at the grocery store, because, OF COURSE, the stack will all tumble to the floor….just sayin’……

and finally….

5. Playing in your first soccer game in over 3 years? Well, it’s not going to be pretty….

who knew your big toes were so important for walking??

anything interesting YOU learned this weekend??

hearts and hugs,




  1. Pammie Boo says:

    The smell of honeysuckles will promptly take me back to childhood with such force I might tear up a bit.

    Chicken cooked on a grill is the Best Chicken Ever.

    Last minute BBQs are so much fun.

    Never EVER eat yogurt before a run. No matter what the distance. (Sorry, Sissy, I should have warned you.)

    Napping an entire Sunday afternoon away is definitely productive.


  1. […] 1st my beloved right big toe nail went to be with its maker….the trashcan. You may recall the event leading up to this situation…it wasn’t pretty…However, the nail lived a long life, always providing me with a […]

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