arbeit macht frei….

Let’s take a stroll down the cobblestone walkways of Europe, shall we?  This memory is from my trip to Poland back in 2007. While most of my friends were jetting off to bask in the remaining sun along many of the southern Mediterranean beaches, or maximize their credit limits at le chic chambres in Paris, my […]

Just keep swimming!

I love the beach. Always have, always will. Me and the sandy dunes of Florida are like salt and pepper, cheese and crackers, Joanie and Chachi: we just go well together. Now, with the beach comes the salty ocean (DUH) and the creatures that live beneath those oh-so-crystal-clear waters. I made my peace long ago […]

Under the boardwalk….BOARDWALK!

Yesterday I started out on a little journey down the sand-covered lanes of my Shore house memories. I touched very briefly on our time down at the water, skimming only the surface of the salty goodness that is Strathmere. I tried to paint a picture of our time there, when, in reality, after re-reading what I […]

Shore-ly you can’t be serious?

Tuesday is here! All around the world people are celebrating the fact that they made it through another manic Monday. Let’s join them, raise our figurative glasses, and cheers to surviving the worst day of the week (in my fair opinion). Now that we’ve drained our metaphorical glasses, let us move on to more important […]

Rain rain….{don’t} go away!

Today’s subject matter is influenced by the rain. This type of weather has always had the power to subdue my mind, calm my heart, and relatively put me at ease. It could be the darkness in the sky, the repetitive patter of the rain, or a combination of both. Either way, rain has always been […]

Not-so bittersweet memories…

In an effort to preserve some of the sweet , bittersweet, and just plain bitter moments (although, I’m not sure I want to preserve THOSE!), I will be dedicating many posts to reliving the hey days, revamping old styles, and revisiting old stomping grounds….Personally, I love stories. I’ve always been an avid reader, ever since I […]

Hello world!

Alright, here goes nothing! This is my attempt to express, enlighten, engage….you name it! I have created this outlet solely for my own enjoyment. However, the pleasure you get from it is certainly appreciated! I hope to hone my writing skills, all the while exploring the bounds of my senses with this blog. Enjoy….i know […]