‘Social Punk’ blog tour…

A while back, I was asked to participate in a blog tour based around a new series of books by Monica Leonelle, an author, blogger. and media strategist. Always a fan of new literary finds, I accepted the offer, and would love to give you guys a taste of what’s to come in the Social […]

he’s stolen my heart….

and his name is JACK! Okay, before you go up in arms and ask me what happened to Chris, I’m talking about THIS little guy! my brand new nephew…isn’t he adorable?? I spent Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon down in Austin, enjoying some time with my sis and BIL as Pam gave birth to Jack. […]

it’s baby time!

So, Monday night I received a phone call from my sister on my way home from work. This past month, every time she calls, I immediately think, “It’s baby time!” Monday night was no exception. I even thought to myself, “I’m not even going to go home, I’ll just drive straight to Austin!” (well, with […]

what i’d wear…

as a go-to option for any fabulous garden party… pair the look with a pop of gold in your accessories, like these shoes  and you’ll be ready to party! hearts and hugs, B.

tuesday’s tip: makeup…in the fridge!

It might be nice and cool now…but just give it a few weeks before that nasty summer heat starts to bore down on us. Unfortunately, in Texas, summertime isn’t all relaxing by the pool, picnics in the park and trips to DisneyWorld. Summer in Texas is also sweating 24/7, burning the back of your legs […]

happy birthday baby!

Yesterday was my fiance Chris’ birthday, and I’m so happy I got to celebrate with him! Since I met him two years ago, he’s gone from the goofy random guy at volleyball, to the goofy, sweet friend in my new community, to the goofy, caring boyfriend, and finally, to the goofy, loving future husband I […]

friday favorites…

happy Friday! And happy early Earth Day! We are celebrating it here at work with our annual Earth Day Fair, which consists of lots of “go green” booths, fun handouts, and of course…swag. I’ll be manning the tree seedling booth today, passing out little baby trees to my fellow employees….Last year’s tree was a red […]


It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten down and dirty with you all, so I figured on the day that I’m spring cleaning my office, I might as well do some spring cleaning in the ol’ closet of secrets, eh?? Well, they’re not so much secrets as they are omissions…. 😉 Confession: I’ve resorted […]