remember that time?

we got stranded on a highway in the middle of Texas during a snow storm? Well…YOU weren’t there…and I’m pretty thankful for that. Otherwise you would have seen me at my most vulnerable…crying, angry, and peeing in an ice bucket in a moving vehicle while surrounded by members of my family. Should I back track […]

Cape San Blas photo recap

I promised you photos….and I still don’t have them all! However, here are a few shots from our week long Blanda Family Reunion down at the house on the cape….enjoy! hearts and sunkissed hugs, B.

the importance of being…family.

I’m back! After being gone quite a bit this summer, I’ve finally settled back in at home. Granted, my seat is now an office chair, as opposed to a beach chair, and the air is filled with white noise and not waves crashing….My hair is finally combed, I’ve put makeup on, and I’m wearing shoes. […]

summertime at the beach: San Blas (part two)

Another perfect day, another perfect ocean breeze. I couldn’t ask for a better vacation environment! The sky is completely cloud free, the sun is hot, and my tan is getting darker!! I took the day off this morning from running and instead slept in until (gasp!) 8:30am…bliss. Pam and John had to leave today around […]

summertime at the beach: San Blas

Ahhh, the ocean breeze, the salty air, the feeling of sand between my toes. These things make my heart give a little sigh of contentment. We arrived at the beach on Saturday afternoon, along with storm clouds, pouring rain, and disheartened looks on our faces. With the cumulo-nimbus looming overhead, I had to wonder what […]

please don’t forget about me!

Okay, I realize I JUST got back from a vacation, but I’m off again, for another 10 days…this time to the Florida gulf for a lil’ Blanda Family Reunion 2011 action. It’s going to be wild! I predict many intense games of scrabble, countless bottles of wine drunk, (hopefully) hours of sunning, hours of beach […]

rain and sun equals not much fun…

So my family is heading down to Florida this Friday for our annual Blanda Family Reunion  10 day Bonanza….and I just so happened to check the weather for the week…. lo and behold, this is what I came across: what the (FOUL FILTH FOUL FOUL FILTH) is going on??? Dear Lord, please oh please take […]

the dust has settled…

Recaps, photos, highlights…it’s all done. I have finally sorted out my life since coming home from Europe last week. yikes-a-bee…that was CAH-RAZY! It didn’t help that my laptop still sits dead in my linen closet, refusing to wake up and offer me access to its contents…thus, blogging on the trip was relegated to borrowed computers […]