i’m tickled pink….or is it green?

I love Pinterest. Just love it. But I also hate it. It’s complicated really. You see, I love Pinterest because it brings me fabulous ideas, inspirations, etc. to gaze upon adoringly or bookmark in my many folders for later creative bursts or bridal brainsessions. It’s a site that I also hate because while I’m looking […]

tuesday’s tip: neutrals

Color blocking is all the rage with bold, bright pieces being added to everyone’s wardrobes this spring. I’m definitely riding the color train today, wearing a navy skirt and mustard blouse, but I’ve toned down the bright with a pair of nude colored pumps. Not every part of your outfit needs to have that “pop” […]

food combine? I’d rather color combine…

I’m sure you’ve heard about the practice of food combining, making sure not to mix starchy vegetables with your proteins….but in all honesty, most of that goes over my head faster than I can say, “I’d like fruit instead of fries, please!” I’d rather focus on color combining. It may not technically bring me as […]

color me happy!

The weather is finally changing down here in Dallas…I even sported a beret at work yesterday! It’s this cobalt blue beauty of my mom’s from back in her high school days. It’s retro. It’s chic. It makes me feel like Mary Tyler Moore. I love it. 🙂 Speaking of color…just because the weather is dark […]