finish strong and fast…TWSS!

I did it! I officially finished the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Marathon on November 13th, 2011. I can now mentally say “check!” to that item on my bucket list, and go about trying to get my right knee back to normal size. It was a flurry of a weekend, beginning with the boy, Poodle, […]

oh thank heavens!

I did it! I officially completed the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll marathon this past Sunday! I can now say that I’m a marathoner…or at least someone who ran one…because in all honesty, there were points during that 26.2 miles where I felt like anything BUT a runner. I mean, seriously, there is a certain […]

Workin’ hard for my money…

I spent this past Sunday morning like any other morning: woke up after 4 hours of sleep from the rap-session/Will and Grace marathon extravaganza the night before, had a cup of coffee while chatting on the couch with Poodle (my friend Lyndsey), checked facebook posts from the night before, updated my status, signed up for […]