spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte tre)

In my continuing reprise of my former vita in Italia, I want to move on to the time I spent in school. As you know, since I was coming upon the end of my bachelor’s degree, I had narrowed down my list of classes to a remaining set of “fluff courses”. You know the ones: […]

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte due)

Ciao! Come va? Earlier I began a spotlight on one of my favorite cities: Florence, Italy. I had the privilege of living in Florence during my senior year of college, and fell in love with the soul of this city. I briefly told you how I came about living in Florence, but now, in these […]

spotlight! Florence, Italy (parte uno)

If you couldn’t already tell, a love for travelling runs deep in my veins. There is something about a new city (or a familiar haunt) that sends me into a tizzy of excitement. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the people….I can’t get enough! The world is a truly an amazing place. To think of […]