friday favorites…

Happy Friday! Ohhh let’s hope the weather stays nice and warm! And let’s also hope the pollen count goes down from it’s “Very High” status to a more manageable level….eeek! Pollen, schmollen…nothing is going to stop me from a nice, relaxing couple of days… Today’s treasury is all bright and sunny…just like I’m hoping the […]

Ohhhh spit.

My sister sent me a picture of her after her baby shower down in Austin this past weekend, and I couldn’t help but squeal with joy. She’s beautiful! Of course, the picture sent me into overdrive, realizing that her due date is a month away….which brought me to switching gears from wedding shopping to baby […]

what i’d wear…

if I were gonna ROCK OUT at an outdoor music festival this weekend… channel your inner punk with some hardcore black leather boots. hearts and hugs, B.

tuesday’s tip: smile!

Today’s tip is simple, yet it’s one that some people do not even manage to accomplish in an entire day! Smiling. There is a designer at my work (name not necessary) who I literally have never seen smile. His face has set into this perma-frown, which at first scared me, and now, simply makes me […]

style love: chloe + isabel

I love when friends and fashion mix. Well, I love when practically anything I like mixes. I”m not one of those crazies who can’t let their food touch. It’s goin’ to the same place, people! Let it have a buddy on the way down! Wow….totally off subject. Back to friends…and fashion…and the two mixing. You […]

friday favorites…

Is it Easter yet? Is it time to wear our frilly dresses, go hunting for eggs, and eat obscene quantities of the malted Robin’s eggs (YUM!)? No? Not yet? That’s okay. I know I’m habitually early to things, so rather than wait till the actual weekend of Easter, why don’t we take a look at […]

falling in love is easy…right? Ha.

It’s easy! It’s quick! Guaranteed results in 30 days or your money back! Can you imagine if falling in love was that easy? I know our society is warped, and I know we can market some CAH-RAZY stuff (helloooo slanket?), but when it comes to love, it seems like that little hot spot should be […]

what i’d wear…

If I was simply feeling “thirty, flirty, and thriving!” (name that movie)     Add a pillbox hat (or fedora for all you guys) for a touch of nostalgia hearts and hugs, B.