‘Social Punk’ blog tour…

A while back, I was asked to participate in a blog tour based around a new series of books by Monica Leonelle, an author, blogger. and media strategist. Always a fan of new literary finds, I accepted the offer, and would love to give you guys a taste of what’s to come in the Social […]

happy 1st birthday bellebottoms!

hi, my name is bellebottoms, and today, I am ONE YEAR OLD! My mom is so proud of me, she can’t believe how fast time has gone. I keep telling her she has a bad memory, and therefore doesn’t remember much of what happened this past year. Luckily, I’ve got a GREAT memory for a […]

the mind is a terrible thing to waste…

The other day, in the midst of a nasty case of writer’s block, I decided to ease the pressure bearing down on my squished mind grapes, and sent out a distress call to my friends over on Facebook. I’m only guessing that the synapses were not firing correctly, or I would have forseen the epic […]

ain’t it divine?

I am woman, hear me roar. W-O-M-A-N. We know the words, we’ve heard them sung at countless bachelorette parties and regretful karaoke bars. We’ve banded together to fight crime, stretch marks, and panty lines. Women are powerful, they are young…heartache to heartache…(take it away, Pat Benetar!) Unlike most men, women also love to chat, to share […]