fresh and fabulous…

This weekend I had my trial with the makeup artist glamming up my bridal party for the wedding. The lovely Lynn Eason from Divine Inspirations will be beautifying all 7 of us (Mother of the bride and grandmother of the bride included!)…whew! I wanted a simple, smoky eye with a nude lip…She threw in some […]

product love…

Every once in a while I’ll stumble across a new makeup brand, beauty product or hair styling tool that I absolutely love. More often than not these finds are made while perusing the aisles of Ulta or Sephora. Other times, it’s simply opening up an old purse of mine to discover a brand spankin’ new […]

tuesday’s tip: makeup…in the fridge!

It might be nice and cool now…but just give it a few weeks before that nasty summer heat starts to bore down on us. Unfortunately, in Texas, summertime isn’t all relaxing by the pool, picnics in the park and trips to DisneyWorld. Summer in Texas is also sweating 24/7, burning the back of your legs […]

tuesday’s tip: blush

Ladies, no longer does blush have to stay confined to the apples of your cheeks. Expand your facial horizons! One of my go-to makeup “faces” is some concealer/powder, a swipe of blush on my lids and cheeks, and a finish of mascara. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Adding a bit of your blush to your eyelids […]

things i’m lovin’…

Slowly, yet surely, I’ve tried to make changes in my life. Whether it be through diet (eat more protein!), lifestyle (go to bed earlier!), clothing style (wear more blue!) or just in my thought processes, I feel as if I’ve begun my New Year’s resolutions ahead of time…or perhaps I’m extremely late. I guess this […]