weekend whirlwind…

Phew! These past four days have been crazy! I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday (which, YES, was enjoyed the entire weekend…thankyouverymuch!), and I’m thankful for such a great group of friends around me! Friday started out with a half day at work, followed by a glorious massage, dinner at one of my favorite […]

it’s gonna be a great day…

why? because it’s my BIRTHDAY! it also just so happens to be my 3 year anniversary at JCP as well as 9 months with Chris 🙂 lots to celebrate! I’m taking a half day at work today, then scooting right over to my dear massage therapist Kathy, who will hopefully turn me into a bowl […]

happy birthday baby!

Yesterday was my fiance Chris’ birthday, and I’m so happy I got to celebrate with him! Since I met him two years ago, he’s gone from the goofy random guy at volleyball, to the goofy, sweet friend in my new community, to the goofy, caring boyfriend, and finally, to the goofy, loving future husband I […]

happy birthday mems!

Today is a great day. My mom was born on this day 56 years ago. The woman with whom I share my looks, my quirky personality, and that adorable little snort-filled laugh ;). Memsie (as I like to call her) is sweet, sincere, passionate, loving, and most of all, an amazing Godly wife and mother. […]

happy birthday Stevey!

Today is my brother Steve’s birthday….and oh how I wish I was up in Portland to celebrate with him! Since I can’t take him out to dinner, or surprise him with a birthday beer, I’ll simply honor him through today’s post….and a present later on, ofcourse! Today, I celebrate my favorite big brother. He’s kind, […]

happy 1st birthday bellebottoms!

hi, my name is bellebottoms, and today, I am ONE YEAR OLD! My mom is so proud of me, she can’t believe how fast time has gone. I keep telling her she has a bad memory, and therefore doesn’t remember much of what happened this past year. Luckily, I’ve got a GREAT memory for a […]

there were never such devoted sisters…

Today is my beautiful sister Pam’s birthday! At the ripe old age of 28, she has already imparted more wisdom and encouragement on me than I feel like I can ever repay. I have looked up to her as my hero, as a source of strength, and as a friend. She’s shown me what it […]

birthday wishes and puppy kisses…

Today is my birthday. Let me pause for a brief moment while you run out to the store and buy me some jelly beans and a party hat….because we all know I hate greeting cards…but I LOVE hats!! In honor of myself (and in the tradition of Brent Mckinney) I will: wear a party dress and […]