what i’d wear…

wedding dress shopping with my ladies… Don’t complicate the process of trying things on by wearing too many layers! Keep it simple 🙂 hearts and hugs, B.

tuesday’s tip: don’t freak out.

If you haven’t read my recent blog, or been on Facebook in the past 24 hours, you miiiight not know one giant detail of my life…..that I’m getting married 🙂 Yup, let the freaking out money spending nail biting planning begin! Even though the actual proposal came as a major surprise, I knew for a […]

be-cause we’reeeee….GOIN’ TO THE CHAPEL!

AND WE’RE…GONNA GET MARRRRRRRIED! That’s right, bellebottoms is becoming a MRS! Last night, to my GREAT surprise, my darling boyfriend got down on one knee, whipped out a shining rock, and proposed to spend the rest of his life with me. I can hardly remember what happened.  Well, here’s a litttttle bit of what happened… […]

friday favorites…

Friday, you couldn’t have come sooner! Phew, this week was ROUGH! Between mishaps at work, getting my debit card info stolen, enduring coughing spells at all hours of the day, and a lack of sleep in-between….well, let’s just say it hasn’t been a stellar seven days…. Regardless, like every week, there is a beginning, and […]

save and splurge…where do I spend?

I get a lot of flack for the amount of shoes/clothes/rings/packs of gum I have in my closet, but to tell you the truth, it didn’t cost me that much! Just like my frozen yogurt, I like I lot of things for the quantity, not quality. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around […]

what i’d wear…

walking through the cobblestone streets of Europe… If you don’t favor completely flat boots, add a chunky heel! hearts and hugs, B.

tuesday’s tip: changing your look

I am very prone to getting stuck in a rut. Whether it’s with my fashion, my food, or even my schedule, I can go for days, weeks even, without changing a thing. Case in point: I can make a trip to the grocery store for my weekly purchases, and be in and out in less than […]

things i’m lovin’…

Are there really only 9 more days till March? Soon it will be April, and I’ll be anxiously staring at my phone waiting for that call from my sis telling me to “get my booty down to Austin NOW because I’m having a baby!” I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say “booty”. But that’s neither here […]