tick tock goes my marriage clock.

The countdown box stares at me, practically shouting, “30 DAYS TO GO! YOU’VE GOT THIRTY DAYS UNTIL YOU ARE LEGALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY BOUND TO ANOTHER PERSON FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” I metaphorically slap it in the face and tell it to shut it’s mouth when it’s talking to me. What happened? […]

falling in love is easy…right? Ha.

It’s easy! It’s quick! Guaranteed results in 30 days or your money back! Can you imagine if falling in love was that easy? I know our society is warped, and I know we can market some CAH-RAZY stuff (helloooo slanket?), but when it comes to love, it seems like that little hot spot should be […]

just a thought…

I’m learning more and more each year to stand up for the things I want or believe in. Too many times opportunities have been snatched from my clumsy, sometimes lackadaisical grip. I allow my happiness and joys to be ruled by a give and take not of my own design. Today I was reminded once […]

Love and other hugs.

Today is Valentine’s Day, V-day, Single Awareness Day. Whatever moniker you choose to give this day, one thing remains the same: there will be bitter people skulking the streets at some point today! Now, as a single woman myself, I am not immune to the grandiose display of coupledom that surrounds this day. I too see the Zales commercials, […]