sun light, sun bright…

It’s been consistently 100 degrees down here in Dallas, so two things are ÜBER important to have while driving: something other than black leather seats SUNGLASSES If you prefer to keep your eyeballs for another year or twelve, don’t forget to protect your pupils! And what better way then with another excuse to accessorize. Check […]

friday favorites…

happy Friday! my goodness, we are almost done with July! This time last year I was perusing the shops in Barcelona, walking along the water in Sweden, and catching up with good friends in Germany. Today? I’m working. Some could look at that and be sad. I choose to look at it this way: I’m […]

braid love…

As my hair continues to grow, so do my aspirations of expanding my hair styling capabilities…right now, I’m stuck in a world of buns and pinning my bangs back. Let me tell ya, there are only so many ways you can twist and pin those suckers before just wanting to cut them off. And I’ve […]

planning and playing…

Yesterday Chris and I, along with our parents, drove out to the Milestone for their twice annual bridal fair. Complete with plenty of food, decor, and giveaways, the fair was quite a success! I set up a trial run with the lady doing my makeup, Chris finalized some details with the DJ and bartenders, and […]

the list: july

Helllllooooo! Happy Friday! It is WAY too quiet over here! I have a feeling most people are still sleeping off their fourth of July fun 😉 Another month has flown by! If I were still in school, I’d be cursing the fact that my summer is half over. Instead, I curse the fact that I […]

happy belated birthday, America!

July 4th on a Wednesday? Not ideal, but hey, any day off is a great day in my book! It was short and sweet, and I’m back at work today, with a sleepy grin and a sunburnt forehead… We spent our July fourth holiday swimming, sunning, grilling, and topping it all off with some Harry […]

when the cat’s away….

the mice will….get dusty and fall by the wayside. wait, that’s not quite right, is it? Whew! It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks! My internal wedding planner self has officially become a crazy, wigged out “Monica Gellar”, and my normal fun-loving self is about to go all “RED ROSS” on her butt! Oh, […]