summertime in the city: Stockholm

Haaayyyyy! Hallo from Stockholm! Oh what a place. Covered with parks, the entire city felt alive, people out and about walking, biking, taking an afternoon stroll with some ice cream. The amount of nature laced throughout the capital was overwhelming, and the views spectacular. Only 7 percent of Stockholm’s population owns boats, and that fact seems so small considering the […]

summertime in the city: London

London baby!! We arrived in London after a two-day whirlwind of the English Riviera…only to experience yet ANOTHER two-day whirlwind of London! One of the only saving graces was the fact that this city isn’t new to our family, and we could navigate without having to think as much as if we were travelling to an entirely […]

summertime in the city: the English Riviera

Ahhh, the English riviera, home to Agatha Christie, countless old folks, and diehard fishermen. I’m writing this from our car as we head back to London, having spent the last day and a half touring the hilly cliffside town of Torquay. What a beautiful place! Quaint, with a touch of city in the form of […]

sisters are the best…

They share your genes and sometimes your JEANS. They show you how to color in the lines and read between the lines (when it comes to guys…) They’ll yank on your hair, but also show you how to braid it. They will tell on you to Mom, but also defend you against Mom (because we […]

the sun will come out…tomorrow!

BET…..your bottom dollar….there’ll be SUN! (‘Friends’ reference, anyone??) Why am I singing this ridiculous Broadway tune? Well, even though the sun IS shining nice and bright today (with temps in the already in the mid-80’s at 9am), I am going to be boarding a plane tomorrow night for vacay, and that thought makes me want to […]

Bob…you are my father.

There is no denying that I love my family. Ask me about my siblings and I’ll talk your ear off praising their accomplishments. Mention my parents and I could go on and on about the blessings they’ve bestowed on me throughout my life. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I consider them to be […]

friday favorites…

I remember my childhood, playing in the woods behind our house, scrounging around in the dirt for hidden treasures (smooth pebbles, four-leaf clovers, poison ivy…the usual). I remember the magical aura the forest released. There was something about the way the sun shone through the branches, pieces of light glittering and bouncing off trees, making them […]


Taking a cue from Tina over at Carrots n’ Cake, and her recent post on the zodiac signs, I headed on over to TLC to see what the hoopla was on the birthday zodiac…turns out…they weren’t that far off! Here’s what TLC had to say about my sign, the Taurus: The Taurus Woman: A Taurus woman is stylish, […]