tuesday’s tip: smile for the camera!

It’s a random tip, I agree….just go with it. Those with an exception to this suggestion: mug shots people with no teeth animals with fake teeth Because seriously…no one wants to see this: This, however, is pretty cute… okay, now go on and say CHEESE!! hearts and hugs, B.

tuesday’s tip: smile!

Today’s tip is simple, yet it’s one that some people do not even manage to accomplish in an entire day! Smiling. There is a designer at my work (name not necessary) who I literally have never seen smile. His face has set into this perma-frown, which at first scared me, and now, simply makes me […]

reasons why i’m smiling…

evenings spent on a comfy couch, chatting with friends running 10 glorious miles with ENERGY as the sun sets drinking iced coffees with pumpkin each afternoon to give me that little pep in my step wearing a fabulous pair of shoes that warrants compliments from complete strangers where ever I go pulling pranks on my […]

reasons why I’m smiling…

Wanna know why I’m smiling today? Here are a few reasons: getting my return today from this!! So what are YOU smiling about today??   hearts and hugs, B.