it eclipsed MY heart…

I’ve got a fever…and the only cure is more DANCE! So You Think You Can Dance is amazing. Just amazing. The amount of talent we have in this country blows my mind. And the fact that this talent is in the form of teens/young 20-somethings? Well, that just makes it even more amazing. These kids […]

friday favorites…

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve done a friday favorites post! I’m feeling a little guilty….wait…okay, the feeling passed. 🙂 Since I’m moving soon, I thought I’d be a wee bit selfish, and do today’s treasury based off things I would want to put in my future home. If you hate it, […]

we’re starting with what???

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Urine. All by-products of one things: college preseason workouts. And yes, I said urine. Because sometimes, you just gotta go when you’re on that 3 mile trail run…mmmkay? I know by looking at me, you might think, “She was a college athlete? She wears pink and pearls, and she snorts when she […]

déjà move…

In 10 days I move…again. Want to know the last time I moved? That would be February…of this year. Alas, the apartment gods are not smiling on me, and thus, I will be switching abodes yet again. You want to know the good thing? I’m literally moving upstairs! Same building, just one floor up….penthouse baby! (well, […]

heat wave? not for the person next to you!

I stumbled upon this article over at the Times, and immediately wanted to see about acquiring one of these air-conditioned outfits… Employees of Japanese power-saving goods venture “Kuchofuku”, meaning air-conditioned clothing in Japanese, wear jackets which have cooling fans on its back for air-conditioning at the company’s headquarters in Toda city, suburban Tokyo on July […]

opposites attract…

while on vacation, I had the blissful opportunity to pour over about 8 different magazines during my down time…now, this is not anything unusual, as I spend about 2 hours every weekend at my neighborhood Barnes and Noble doing just that…however, since I was gone more than 8 days, some mags got the twice-over, as opposed […]

i SHOE-dn’t have!

I know, that was a BIT of a stretch on word play, but if you know anything about me, I’m all about the corny….so just roll with it, mmkay? 🙂 One of the things I love most about going on vacations is coming home from them to find PRIZES!! that’s right, folks….along with my very […]

the importance of being…family.

I’m back! After being gone quite a bit this summer, I’ve finally settled back in at home. Granted, my seat is now an office chair, as opposed to a beach chair, and the air is filled with white noise and not waves crashing….My hair is finally combed, I’ve put makeup on, and I’m wearing shoes. […]