hello old friend!

Do you ever get the urge to wax nostalgic about some past moment in your life? I used to sit on my bedroom floor when I was younger, surrounded by piles of photo albums, and gaze into the past lives of myself and my family, laughing at the funny faces, grimacing at the awkward growth […]

friday favorites

Happy Friday! I’m sure all of you are excited to get out and enjoy the weekend! I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit tuckered out after waking up at THREE A.M. this morning to shower and go over to my dear friend Hannah’s place for a little royal wedding watching! Yes, call me crazy, but you […]

why I love…

Continuing on with my “why I love” series on US cities, today I want to profile the great city of I love Portland for many reasons, three of the main ones being these guys: Besides those three pretty stellar reasons, Portland holds a place in my heart thanks to its diverse lifestyle, laid back atmosphere, bombin’ organic […]

now t{HAT}’s fantastic!

I love hats. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head 🙂 Hats are amazing. They cover up bad hair days, they block the sun from your eyes, they top off an outfit with a POP! I wish we still wore hats like they did back in the day. People looked so polished, […]

happy admin professional day!

Today, let’s give thanks to the administratives in our lives. The ones who work tirelessly to make you copies, and know how to fix the copier when you say IT’S BROKEN! (but really, it’s just out of paper). The ones who have your social security and driver’s license numbers memorized because you can’t remember them. […]

boxing up for baby?

noooo, not THIS type of boxing: but THIS type: This past weekend, in between the crazy howler monkey laughter and the hard-core Easter egg hunting shenanigans, my family and I actually had some serious conversations. I know, I know, it’s more fun to picture us like this family…alas, I must shatter that image and talk […]

a new look…who knew?

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned my place of work yet by name, but today, the cat’s out of the bag….from the hours of roughly 7:30-5pm, you can always find me over here at the headquarters of JCP…oh, and that’s slang for JCPenney, ifyadidn’tknow. Yup, I work in the sourcing department in our Home division…it’s grand. […]

family + easter = feaster!

Oh.My.Word. My family is nuts. absolutely nuts. I always knew this, deep down, but as I got older I just thought they’d grow out of it. Apparently not. ANNNND, with the addition of spouses, our weird melting pot of crazy has just boiled over.  This weekend was no exception. It started out on Thursday, with […]