about a girl…

hi! my name is becca. i am a 20-something gal living and working in the dallas/fort worth area. at the moment, i work at the headquarters of one of the largest department stores in the world. it’s not all glitz and glamour, as you may think…but i do get a LOT of samples! i started this blog in january of 2011 as a way of expressing my passion for fashion and travel, as well as my love of friends, family, food, and whatever else pops into my brain. i love to write, and i love to engage in conversation with other people. my degree in college was in communication, and i specifically have an interest in interpersonal communication. one-on-one conversations are my specialty! a dream job of mine? anything that allows me to use my creativity! It’s a broad list, but I’m a dreamer!  🙂

i have a giddiness for all things pink, feminine and frilly. if you took a look at me now, you would never know that i was an ncaa division one athlete at a major university! who knew that this girl in front of you, wearing a bow in her hair, used to down protein shakes and toss out some manly grunts in the weight room!

needless to say, after graduating from college and moving into the “real” world, i quickly tossed the sweats in favor of tights and skirts. sneakers (you know, those things most southerners call tennis shoes?) were only worn when working out. sweats only came on during movie night on the weekends, and until recently, the only heavy lifting i was doing was lugging groceries up my apartment stairs. Things have changed since having a child though! Now I lug around a 17 pound 6 month old named Oliver, who we have affectionately dubbed “Ollie”.

i am a firm believer in the idea that the little things are what truly make up the character of a person. therefore, here are a few “things” about me:

i am a christian, and have a faith in Jesus Christ.

i got engaged to the love of my life on 2/26/2012!  I married the love of my life on 10/26/2012!

that love of my life and i had a baby boy in november of 2013.

i love travelling, and have been to 13 countries so far.

i play the piano. it is the best form of therapy.

i speak italian and spanish.

i have struggled with an eating disorder since i was 14 but have been healing ever since!

i have run 22.5 miles, but never done a marathon. I completed the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll marathon in November 2011!

i have had every (natural) hair color.

i have a brother and a sister, whom i love more than anything.

i have beautiful parents, who have been married for 36 years. they are my rocks.

i’m obsessed with the 1960’s french era, and anything “glamour chic”.

i wish my life were like an old black and white movie, with jimmy stewart or cary grant as the leading man.

stay tuned….more to come!

oh, and feel free to contact me at rdavis6@jcpenney.com or follow me on twitter @bellebottoms3

hearts and hugs!


  1. Hello Becca

    You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but this is a great blog ! sure it is!
    You came across because we both have Velocity Sports Performance in our fbook, besides that and a friend that works at jcpenney by the name of Henry Hilla I don’t believe we have anything else in common.
    But…. what are you doing working there?? you should have your own TV show or you should be working for Oprah Winfrey !!! God knows what else !!
    By the way, I’m not crazy neither am one of those weird guys surfing the web with sinister intentions. Today I won a contest at the Velocity Sports Performance facebook page and that’s how you came across, Actually I visited the Highland Park location maybe a year ago but you guys didn’t have the adult program like the one in Coppell.

    Anyway..great blog…congrats. next time I visit JcPenney I’ll stop by the lighting section to see if you have good taste! lol

    Good luck

    Francisco Arias
    Coppell TX

    • hi! very interesting about our chain of connections! i used to be the recruiter for Velocity in Highland Park…

      thanks for the compliments! they are always appreciated!!

      yes, next time you stop at JCP…shop in the home department!!

      have a great day,


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