My mind is running amok. I can say this with clarity (ironically) because last night while spending some quality time with the boy, I realized (and he pointed out) that I was only “half there”. You know that feeling? Your eyes are looking but not seeing. You formulate only half of each sentence, leaving the other end to trail off like the wispy ends of cotton balls. Your body sits a bit slumped, as if torn between actually holding itself up or just letting gravity take it’s course and drag you to the ground, where ultimately you would lay until told to move; or actually moved.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

I feel as if I need to continue on that line of admittance with a few other confessions today. Because, after all, nothing says “Happy Hump Day!” like a good ol’ fashioned share-a-thon.

1. I went 4 days without washing my hair this past week. I’m almost out of dry shampoo.

2. I also went 4 days without shaving my legs. The only reason I ended that cycle was because it started to scratch against my pajama pants. You’d think I’d want to be attractive for my boyfriend? Or just hygenic? Apparently I had other motives.

3. I’m pretty sure i’ve eaten cereal for more meals this week than I did during one semester of college.

4. I’m actually really excited about having another legitimate excuse for spending money at H&M: my (yet to be born) nephew!!

5. I’ve gone Christmas shopping 3 times so far and only bought one gift. Major fail.

this is how I felt yesterday...


Have anything to confess today? Share away!

hearts and hugs,



  1. 1 Christmas gift, and how many for yourself? 12? one for each day of Christmas 😉 I’m extremely guilty of this 😳 But all the sales! And you’re to blame for my new addiction to asos. Two new dresses are currently on their way to my front door! I promise that my credit cards will stay in the freezer during the whole month of January… 😐

    • haha AHH! you are hitting too close to home with the Christmas gifts :/ oops! haha and I too have a dress coming to my office today from Asos…YIPPPEEE! which ones did you buy? I bought this 3/4 length sleeve, blue midi dress….very cute, very comf…

      and if i froze my credit cards i would get frostbite from trying to pry them back out of the ice blocks 🙂 haha

      • I got the “asos lace top” dress that i saw pinned one too many times on pinterest and it just jumped in my cart, and also a shift dress. can’t waittt! and if i froze my credit cards it prob wouldn’t do much because they are all saved in all of my online accounts… damn technology…. 😉

  2. confession..i really love you. xo

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