granbury…where everything starts with a “k”

(silent K)hearts and (silent k)hugs, (silent k)B.

no plan days…

usually turn into days full of activity! This past weekend was no exception. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family, my phone full of numbers for people I could call, knowing they’d be there for me in a second. I’m blessed to have friends who make me laugh, who cook great […]

otter chaos…

I can’t help it, they just make me smile…. hope you have an otterly fantastic Friday! hearts and hugs, B.

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle….YEAH!

This completely summarizes my attitude this week: hearts and hugs, B.

planning and playing…

Yesterday Chris and I, along with our parents, drove out to the Milestone for their twice annual bridal fair. Complete with plenty of food, decor, and giveaways, the fair was quite a success! I set up a trial run with the lady doing my makeup, Chris finalized some details with the DJ and bartenders, and […]

zombies, dance moms, and a big fat gypsy…

Every once in a while, I’ll get a week where the agenda after work is pretty light. I love that! I get to come home, put on sweats, and be lazy the rest of the evening. Of course, I’ll toss in a work out here and there, or some Target runs for the necessities, but […]

tuesday’s tip: take it to the anger room

I was listening to the radio the other day while driving to work, and I heard the DJ discussing one of the latest trends in “anger management”. It’s called an “Anger Room”, and it’s chock full of things to destroy. Yes, you heard me right. There is a company in Dallas that literally is in […]

tuesday’s tip: smile for the camera!

It’s a random tip, I agree….just go with it. Those with an exception to this suggestion: mug shots people with no teeth animals with fake teeth Because seriously…no one wants to see this: This, however, is pretty cute… okay, now go on and say CHEESE!! hearts and hugs, B.