Let’s party!

“Well, the weather outside is frightful,

But the fire is so delightful…

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!”

It actually isn’t snowing, but the weather outside IS rather frightful! I’m not surprised, though, with the way my body has reacted to this cold. After having survived the death heat that was our summer/fall, I’m just so sensitive! Bring on the runny noses and the dry skin!

Even though the weather is frightful, it doesn’t mean your social calendar has to look sad and dreary as well! One thing I love most about the winter season is the addition of parties/get togethers/random cupcake baking sessions/etc. Everywhere people are looking for new ways to bring friends and family together to enjoy the holiday season. So, with all that in mind, here are five great ideas for gathering friends/family/that new, really cute neighbor of yours/etc. all together for a fun, memory-making, festive time!

1. Holiday Movie Marathon – One reason ABC Family gets a giant influx of viewers during the month of December is their “25 days of Christmas” movie marathon. So take a hint from the folks at ABC, gather some friends, flicks, and flavorful goodies, and snuggle up for an evening of fun! You could even extend the movie theme to your food, drinks, and decor for some extra flair!

2. Christmas Ornament decorating – If your Christmas tree is anything like mine, then it probably looks like someone took the contents of their photo albums, attic storage, and craft-room cubbies, and so delicately draped all of the combined goodies across, under, around, and over the top of the tree. For me, the more the merrier! Looking at my tree, I can remember all the wonderful things about my life, reflected in the creations dangling from the branches. So, why not create some new memories? Gather up some friends, organize tables full of any kind of crafting supply, turn the music up, and, literally, make some memories!

3. Ice Skating – What represents true holiday cheer better than watching your friends and loved ones slip and slide across an ice rink all the while looking like a baby deer learning how to walk? Well, it might not be true holiday cheer, but it will most definitely be fun! Google the nearest skating rink, round up some aspiring Michelle Kwans, and skate away the winter blues!

4. Volunteer – In high school, one of my favorite memories of volunteering at the local retirement center was spending a few evenings during the holidays with the residents, playing games, singing carols, and sipping eggnog. It’s a season of giving, so why not give back to those who are less fortunate? It’s a win-win situation, really. You are bringing joy to others while bonding with friends! Organize a food drive, volunteer at a nursing home, or spend some time at CCA.

5. Sweet Swap – No New Year’s Resolution is complete without some form of the “Lose weight” initiative. With the explicit amount of cocoa, cookies, egg nog, and Grandma’s deadly fruitcake, it’s no wonder Santa wiggles his belly like a bowl full of jelly! Even so, no house should be without that festive tin of cookies during the holidays. So have a sweet swap! Encourage everyone to bring a batch of their favorite treats, along with the recipe, and an empty tin. Then, have at it! Sample and swap all the wonderful goodies that were brought. It’s a great way to relax with friends as well as gather some new recipes!


Have any other holiday party plans? My family also makes a tradition of seeing A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theatre Center every year. It’s amazing!

hearts and hugs,


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