things i’m lovin’…

hi there! it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted last, so i thought I’d start back up with some fun little goodies that i’m lovin’ at the moment… lately, it’s been about the quick n’ easy. Quick dinners, easy to use makeup, no fuss accessories… I’ve discovered that having a husband has sucked most […]

happy christmas!

’tis the season to be thankful. Thankful for family who loves and cares for you. Thankful for a husband who protects and serves you. Who will put your needs before his own. Thankful for friends who walk beside you and cherish you. Thankful for a home, food, water, and a warm bed to sleep in. […]

i’ll love you forever…

It’s a month of celebrating. Birthdays, anniversaries, and even a wedding. It’s a month of anxiously awaiting the day I get to cleave myself to my soul mate and say, “I DO.” It’s also a month of sadness and memories. My grandfather suddenly passed away this past weekend, and the lingering sound of tears can […]

picture this…

In an effort to save some moola, as well as spark any remaining semblance of creativity in my brain before I completely lose all hope and subscribe to “Fun for Dummies”, I decided to take it upon myself to make my own photos for our home… Instead of buying a framed pic at the store, […]

tick tock goes my marriage clock.

The countdown box stares at me, practically shouting, “30 DAYS TO GO! YOU’VE GOT THIRTY DAYS UNTIL YOU ARE LEGALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY BOUND TO ANOTHER PERSON FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” I metaphorically slap it in the face and tell it to shut it’s mouth when it’s talking to me. What happened? […]

i love…

fall styles pumpkin ANYTHING lazy Sundays fur vests dining al fresco and most of all… I love this man… what are you loving today? hearts and hugs, B.


in the words of Chandler Bing…. “could a baby BE any cuter?” Baby Teddy…only a week old and already breakin’ the ladies’ hearts… hearts and hugs, B.

he’s stolen my heart….

and his name is JACK! Okay, before you go up in arms and ask me what happened to Chris, I’m talking about THIS little guy! my brand new nephew…isn’t he adorable?? I spent Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon down in Austin, enjoying some time with my sis and BIL as Pam gave birth to Jack. […]