when sports and fashion clash…

Athletes have it rough…sports are about comfort, speed, performance, endurance…..but can’t we look cute while we’re at it? I remember heading out to the locker room in high school, dressed in my baggy soccer shorts, loose-fitting t-shirt, the faint smell of sweat drifting ever so slightly from my shin guards that I’d soon strap on […]

Color me MINE!

Last nights CFDA awards in New York brought out the big hitters of fashion. Everyone from Anna Wintour to Alex Woo was there to celebrate the industry that condones women wearing sport coats and men wearing tights. It’s a sub culture that can make a woman lust, loathe, and shout for joy out of sheer excitement all within the time […]

who is making that noise? Oh that is me…..

Ahh, one of my favorite lines from the movie Madagascar…King Julian is a riot! That movie has absolutely no connection really to this post, but I just couldn’t resist…:) Actually, I wanted to talk about doppelgängers…According to Wikipedia, the database that only speaks the truth (ha), a doppelgänger is:   a tangible double of a living […]

you’re beautiful!

One of my favorite actresses is Audrey Hepburn. In my fair (lady) opinion, Audrey epitomizes class, grace, and sophisticated style. I like to think that when I chopped a foot of my hair off, it was to imitate her precious pixie cut 🙂 A while back, while reading a biography on her, I came across […]

what’s in a name?

Yesterday when I briefly mentioned family nicknames, it got me thinking about the meanings behind our own names. Every mother faces a dilemma when choosing her baby’s name. She wants it to be original, she wants it to be cute, and in many cases, she wants it to mean something. Now, if you are a […]

spotlight! Colin Firth

I’ve always been a big fan of biographies. In my list of favorite genres, they are right up there with historical fiction and chick-lit (don’t judge! it’s my summertime enjoyment!). There is something exciting to me about getting to transport yourself into another person’s life for the moment. We all know that most people generally […]