the wonderful world of shoes…

I have a lot of shoes, I’ll admit that right off the bat. There’s no denying who dominates the closet space in my house. I flat out destroy the competition with just my dresses alone. (on a side note, I’m thinking I need to sell some things…).

Shoes have always had a special place in my feet heart. An outfit isn’t complete until I slip on that pair of heels. I’ve even been late to work before because I just. cannot. find. that right pair to wear. It may be a bit much, but when you see someone wearing tennis shoes and a pencil skirt, you’ll understand the need for outfit clarity.

Taking pictures of my feet is odd, but looking back on some of the pairs I’ve worn is rather fun…It also shows me how ridiculous Texas weather is. You’ll notice flats, heels, boots and wedges. You’ll also notice tights, leggings, jeans, bare toes and bare legs. All within the same month. I can’t keep up….is it Spring yet???

So where do I buy all of these shoes?? For a while, Go Jane was my go-to shop…it has my top two favorite words when it comes to shoes: cheap and fashionable. The styles are pretty on trend, and the price is always right ;). I wear out my shoes pretty frequently (most have a 2 year lifespan), so getting those cheaper prices helps my budget too!

I also tend to favor Zappos and DSW. Both places offer higher end prices, but the quality is great. I just recently bought a pair of camel knee-high boots from Zappos, and couldn’t get over how nice the free shipping was! Seriously, you want my business? Offer free shipping. I will love you so hard, it’s ridic.

DSW is a all about mixing in the classic with the fashion forward. I know if I want a solid pair of black pumps or a great skimmer, I can head over there and easily have choices in front of me. Their sales are pretty consistent too…ya know, for those crazy python platforms you didn’t want to pay full price for ;).

I couldn’t end this without giving a little nod to jcp. The shoe department has transformed over the past year or so, and the brands we now carry are amazing! That, with the low prices, makes it hard not to stop by and browse.

If I had it my way, my collection would continue to grow and grow….and possibly head into the guest bedroom closet. I’ve always wanted a pair of flats in every color!! Hmmmm……

until then…’s a few pairs that have made it on camera thus far…

hearts and hugs,


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