things i’m lovin’…

hi there! it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted last, so i thought I’d start back up with some fun little goodies that i’m lovin’ at the moment…

lately, it’s been about the quick n’ easy. Quick dinners, easy to use makeup, no fuss accessories… I’ve discovered that having a husband has sucked most of my extra time right out the window. You know, because I’m too busy mackin’ on him now 😉

This is why my love for the following has gone from zero to “gone in sixty seconds”…

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray concealer – my love affair continues to grow with this brand. Not only is the product completely cute, but the makeup is uh-mazing! I first fell head over heals with the Erase Paste, and have gone on to greener (or clearer?) pastures with the Stay Don’t Stray. It covers all those lovely shadows and blemishes that sneak up on me in the morning.

Bertolli meals for two – The hubs and I have had many a night where we are both too exhausted to even lift our head, let alone a pot or pan. These convenient meals in a bag over in the freezer section have saved the day quite a few times. Simply pour into a skillet and cook for roughly 12-15 minutes….it’s so easy, and reallllly delish.

Old Navy jeans – I don’t wear jeans, like, EVER. Seriously, even the coffee shop employee at work remarked one day, “oh goodness, look at you wearing pants!” I’m a dress girl, plain and simple. The hubs LOVES me in jeans (when I wear them), so I’ve ventured out to find a new pair. Now, because I don’t wear them that often, I was remiss to splurge on some nicer brands. I wanted something that was less than $50 bucks, and didn’t scream MOM JEANS! Let me tell you something, Old Navy has a winner here!! Their new “Flirt” and “Sweetheart” brands are wonderful! Great for those of us with a little junk in the trunk, yaknowwhatimean?? And oh my goodness, they are the most comfortable, flattering jeans I’ve found so far. All for just $29.50….

PicMonkey Collage

besides these three hot toddies, I’ve also fallen for:

infinity scarves

Downton Abbey (yet again)

Athenos hummus

what are YOU lovin’ right now?

hearts and hugs,



  1. I’m loving Downton Abbey too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to know about the Old Navy jeans. I’ve got some junk in the trunk too. I typed “truck” first…not sure what that means. Just bought some erase paste! Great minds think alike…so I hear. 🙂

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