i’m back!

No, I haven’t deserted poor little bellebottoms….not one bit! I’ve simply been a weeee bit busy….GETTING MARRIED!

lil b is now a good ol’ mrs. b, and I’m loving it! The week before the wedding was hectic, the week AFTER the wedding was the honeymoon, and now this week? Well, judging by the amount of emails, projects, and house organizing that needs to be done, let’s just say I’ll be fairly busy for a while.

So where, did you ask, did we go on our honeymoon? Well, I’ll tell ya….


Chris and I have never been to the Caribbean, so this was a completely new experience to us. The resort was called Galley Bay, and it was an all inclusive, adults only resort. My type of place! It was fairly small and felt very intimate. The staff would even call us by name!

While some prefer the adventure honeymoons, Chris and I were completely content to lounge around all day. We threw in a few excursions (a catamaran trip around the island and a bike ride on another day), but mostly spent our time at the pool, sipping drinks, reading books, and occasionally taking a dip to relieve ourselves from the extreme Caribbean heat. Seriously, the sun is HOT down there! The close proximity to the Equator was definitely noticed, so we both slathered on sunscreen like nobodies business! I ended up with some chapped lips and a Rudolph nose, but the damage could have been MUCH worse 😦

Our cottage that we stayed in was so sweet…two “rondovals” connected by a covered porch…and equipped with our own private plunge pool! The stone walls and thatched roof only added to the “island feel”. It was very quiet, like our own little world. We slept so well the first night there!

The food was amazing. We dined on conch, butterfish, grouper, goat curry, rosemary and goat cheese tartlets, cuban black bean soup….the ethnic diversity in the food was wonderful. I love how the islands cultivate their style from so many cultures. There were Cuban, Jamaican, Indian, and Mediterranean influences…to name a few!

Since we were mostly there to relax, and not document our trip, the pictures were fewer and farther between…Chris and I are still working on uploading them to our computers….so for now, I’ll give you just a few!

hearts and hugs,

mrs. b



  1. looks amazing! glad you had fun xo

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