a few twigs short of nesting…

Nine days left. Nine more days of singledom, of sleeping in pink sheets, of eating dinners that consist of egg beaters with cheese three nights in a row. Nine more days until I have to officially be an adult.

Or is that when you have a baby?

An adult would know…

I’ve been avoiding that thought, and instead, scrounging around Etsy, hoping to have that glory moment where you find something so pretty and perfect that you immediately pull up your bank account online to see if said purchase is even possible.

(and yes, yes it is….)

My style so far says a lot about me…it says I’m crazy, I have no real “set” style, and my poor husband is unfortunately going to need to have a porcelain animal sculpture fetish like I do…otherwise??…….

oh well, they say marriage is all about compromise… 😉

hearts and hugs,



  1. I have a new found revelation about marriage, it’s not about compromise, it’s not about 50/50 or meeting halfway, its about each giving 100% to the other. Wow!

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