the list: september AND october…

so I’ve been a bit busy…and forgetful….and lazy….but mostly busy.

I completely forgot about September’s goals. I guess that means I didn’t have any? eh? eh? 🙂

August crept by. September swooped by in a blur, and I can only imagine what October will look like. Already, I’m putting in my bets that it’s going to be crazy. This weekend is actually the only free one Chris and I have left before the shenanigans begin. Next weekend are our bachelorette/bachelor parties, the weekend after that marks his SISTER’S wedding, and then….dun dun DUN….our big day.

Sweet mother of pearl.

Do you believe me now when I said I’ve been busy?

So my goal this month is simple:

If I can manage that, I’ll be just fine. I hope. 😉

Care to read about any of my other more thought out goals? Check out January, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August

hearts and hugs,


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