picture this…

In an effort to save some moola, as well as spark any remaining semblance of creativity in my brain before I completely lose all hope and subscribe to “Fun for Dummies”, I decided to take it upon myself to make my own photos for our home… Instead of buying a framed pic at the store, which cost anywhere from $20-500 dollars, now all I will need is a frame! And those are a bit cheaper, especially when you score some bombin’ ones from the thrift shop down the street!!

I used one of my favorite sites, picmonkey, and made up a few little cuties…I’d like to, when all’s said and done, frame them and make a photo collage in one of the bedrooms. They’re simple and fun, and most importantly, make me happy. Oh, wait, scratch that….most importantly, they WERE FREE.

Whoa. Can’t believe I almost forgot that part.

Check out what I’ve made so far…hope you like them!

hearts and hugs,


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