curtains and dressers and chairs…oh my!

The boxes have been moved. The bags are unpacked. The blissful union is approaching.

I sit in my living room, though, and stare wistfully at the wall space above the bookshelf, imagining where our flat screen t.v. will reside. Looking over to my right, I can’t help but notice the four boxes still sitting on our dining room table.

So, I haven’t QUITE moved in yet.

With the expense of a wedding comes the need to steady the ol’ bank account. So for now, the abode waits in half-empty anticipation, ready to be bathed in love…and furniture.

Ohhhh, but when that time comes, don’t you worry your pretty little head! I’ve been pinning the MESS out of things on the internet, scoping deals, steals, and the just plain ridiculous (hello porcelain rhino head!). It’s only a matter of time before the action begins. 🙂 For now? I’ve resigned myself to browsing…check out some sites below for your OWN house love!

hearts and hugs,


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