the list: august

August arrived in all its glory, with blazing fireballs just incinerating the mess out of July. It’s so hot, my sunglasses melted in the car the other day. That’s right, full on Gumby-fied. Maybe I’ll mold them into a new pair…I’m thinking wayfarers…

Despite the heat, the coming of August is actually a happy time over here! For starters, we are one month closer to the big day (YAY!)! Another fun perk? The lines at all the restaurants at lunch time will finally be shorter! Yea for kids going back to school!

Let’s check out how July went…if you’re not already disoriented by the heat wave….

  • give P90x a try…and try I did! I lasted a couple of weeks on it, then got sucked into the mess of cleaning and moving apartments…once I figure out what box the dvds are in, I’ll get back on it!
  • MOVE!…BOOM! I have moved, hopefully for the last time until we get a house. Apartment moving is quite the pain in the rear. I have bruises, bug bites, and even bigger thighs now thanks to all the stair-climbing I did…
  • make my wedding bouquet…Wellll, I have the flowers, if that counts?

Here’s what’s on the docket for August:

  • Buy wedding jewelry…I’ve got the dress and the shoes, but I’m still missing that little bit o’ pizazz around my neck…I may need to hit up Nordstroms for some bling bling!
  • Take more vitamins!…I was a pill junkie back in the day, popping the A’s, B’s and Zincs like nobodies business. Now? I’m a little off my game…and it shows! It’s time to get back on the wagon, with a stop at the local Vitamin Shoppe first!
  • Unpack…half of my life is still in a box, and I haven’t quite figured out how to make it unpack solely using mental powers. Until I figure that out, I’ve gotta do it the old fashioned way…by hand. What’s the old adage? ” You eat an elephant one bite at a time?” Bring on the boxes!

August is here! What do YOU have planned for it?

Care to read about my other goals? Check out January, February, March, April, May, June and July!

hearts and hugs,



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