braid love…

As my hair continues to grow, so do my aspirations of expanding my hair styling capabilities…right now, I’m stuck in a world of buns and pinning my bangs back. Let me tell ya, there are only so many ways you can twist and pin those suckers before just wanting to cut them off. And I’ve done that before. Try explaining to your friends in elementary school why there’s a giant gap in the front of your head. Little kids don’t always have that decorum established quite yet…I’ve recovered since then, thank you 🙂

I came across this super cute blog, A Beautiful Mess, today, and wanted to share with you their version of a maiden braid. Emma and Elsie, much to my delight, post pictures and tutorials, in the hopes of transforming some of us “lesser folk” into hair mavens. Check it out below, and see if you can follow along!

hearts and hugs,


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