zombies, dance moms, and a big fat gypsy…

Every once in a while, I’ll get a week where the agenda after work is pretty light. I love that! I get to come home, put on sweats, and be lazy the rest of the evening. Of course, I’ll toss in a work out here and there, or some Target runs for the necessities, but other than that, I’m parking my rear end in a comfy spot and snuggling in for the night. It’s GLORIOUS!

The only downside of some extra free time? The subsequent craziness that comes with it.

For instance, last night I was channel surfing after dinner, and came across some real doozies on the boob tube. Has anyone else seen the show, Dance Moms??? I came across it when I flipped to Lifetime, and let me tell you, I’m forever scarred from the images of grown women fighting, name calling, and occasionally hitting each other, RIGHT IN FRONT of their children! Seriously? Has anyone called CPS yet? I’m not kidding, I was horrified. It brought my appreciation of soccer moms to a whole new level.

And what about My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? Oh yes, a show dedicated entirely to highlighting the “blessed union between two first cousins”. Yup, it’s a show where everyone knows your name….and looks sorta like you too.

After exposing myself to even more crazy with the gator wrestlin’, snake wranglin’, extreme couponin’ nut jobs, I finally switched it over to FX, where they had a movie presentation of Zombieland.

By that time I was so happy to see Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and that kid from the Facebook movie take on some bloody, flesh eating zombies.

It was a breath of fresh air, I tell ya 🙂

Have you ever seen any of these shows? What is happening to television! Bring back the Cosby Show!!

hearts and hugs,


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