the list: june

Goodness me! How is it already June 8th, and I’m just now getting to this list? Time really does fly when you’re having fun working. I know last month I was a bit perturbed with good ol’ Father Time, much of which had to do with the fact that I hadn’t had the chance to wear my favorite sundresses and eat out on the patio. I quickly got over myself, got outside, and after a margarita (or two), forgot about my troubles.

So what did I do last month? Let’s recap:

  • Run! Easy peasy…well, I had hoped. I managed to work out, but I gotta say, normally when brides are going crazy with the “bridal bootcamp” season before a wedding, I’ve been sitting here wondering where the heck my free weights have gone. I should probably start cracking down on the exercise though, seeing as how my endorphin levels are getting to be at a serious low. No joke, I may or may not have glared at a child in line at Walmart the other day because her cute little dolly kept hitting me in the shins. Yes, that sound you hear is the Nasty train coming in to the station.  All aboard!
  • Check another item off my wedding list…yes! I did this! (Air high five to anyone around me) I managed to secure our minister, sign the lease to our new apartment, and pick out my wedding colors. Chris and I are in full-steam-ahead mode getting things knocked off the list. I think subconsciously we feel like the more we do, the faster the wedding will get here. I’m just hoping no one wakes us up from that dream…October here we come!
  • get out to the Arboretum…oops (sheepish grin). This one didn’t happen, although I have to say, I’m ok with that. With my new-found allergies, I’m not sure I could really stand to be around all that pollen…maybe next year 🙂

Regardless of my less than stellar marks for May, I’m still charging right along for June! Here are my goals this month:

  • Settle on invitations…Chris and I are going to be scouting out some designs we like, and hopefully, very soon, we’ll have a choice. After all, the clock is ticking!!
  • Get back to working out more…I’m not sure I could get back to the 6 days a week I used to hold down, but I’m seriously hoping for at least 4.
  • Declutter my apartment…that’s right, I’m moving {again}! Chris and I signed a lease for our new place, and I will be moving in at the end of July. And even though we’ll have a spare bedroom in the new place, I’ve got to start thinking about consolidating… I mean, we’re supposed to be equal in this whole “what’s mine is yours” right? It can’t be all mine!!

Summer is about relaxation and fun in the sun. I’m hoping this attitude will propel me into being more motivated with my goals. If that doesn’t help, well, then I’m hoping a certain BIG WHITE DRESS does!!

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hearts and hugs,



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