friday favorites…

happy Friday! Today is the start to a busy weekend (what’s new, really)! I’m taking a half day at work so that I can get home, do a few things, and get my mind in order before Chris and I head over to the rehearsal dinner for my friend Murph’s wedding…I’m a bridesmaid (fun!), so it’ll be a weekend of wedding activities! Tomorrow is the big day, so most of my day will be hair, makeup, pictures, dancing, cocktails….rough day huh? 😉

Sunday, we’ll recover with some brunch with our dear friends Q and Sarah, scoot back to Lewisville to go apartment shopping, fly over to dance lessons later, then finally land at the Terrace for Sunday Night Dinner…..phew!

In between all of this, I’m hoping to sleep.

With a plethora of fun activities in store, it’s not hard to recognize the blessings I have in my life. So why don’t we continue in that spirit, and take a look at some fun over at Etsy? Happy Shopping!

shops showcased:











hearts and hugs,



  1. Thank you very much for adding my little toy to your friday favorites!! I’m so happy for this!! I will link this page on my blog!!

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