don’t worry, it’s just a little spring fever…

I’ve got a bone to pick with time.

May is halfway done. Time is flying by. I have yet to wear my favorite spring dress.

What is happening to me?

Before I know it, I’ll be burning my palms on my steering wheel, lusting after the free time of all my teacher friends, and coming up with methods for keeping my apartment cool without actually having to use the air conditioning. It’s a long shot…but I’m hopeful.

I begged God for time to fly by, anxious for October to get here. Now I sit at my desk in my office, stare at the calendar, and wonder when I’m going to get the chance to fit everything in.

I’m just rubbing salt in the wound when I tell you I haven’t even gone to the zoo yet….or had a picnic.

You can’t do those things too often in the summer time in Texas. It’s so blazing hot, the animals usually go on strike, and your food literally turns rancid before you get out of the car. Unless you have one of those power cooler things. Then your food will be fine….for about 2 minutes. I’ve learned to eat extremely fast for this very reason.

Yes, I’m ranting, and no, this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything….but sometimes it just feels good to rant.

I’m done now.

Oh, and tonight, I think I’ll swing by the park after work. 🙂

hearts and hugs,




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