weekend whirlwind…

Phew! These past four days have been crazy! I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday (which, YES, was enjoyed the entire weekend…thankyouverymuch!), and I’m thankful for such a great group of friends around me!

Friday started out with a half day at work, followed by a glorious massage, dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, Eddie V’s, then a hilarious play at the Dallas Theater Center called “God of Carnage“. With only four characters and ONE setting (the living room), the play was surprisingly entertaining. Careful taking small children…LOTS of foul language! 🙂

Saturday I was up and at it early, heading out to the Impressionist exhibit at the Kimball museum with Chris, then lunch, church, and dinner that evening at Sangria, my favorite Tapas bar in Dallas.

Sunday, Chris, my mom and I headed out to Frisco for brunch with his parents. Chris cooked while the ladies sipped mimosas on the back patio….that’s the way to go! After lunch my mom and I headed out for some major retail therapy, capped off with dinner out on the Blue Goose patio, and The Avengers with my love at the next door theater.

I took Monday off, just for the heck of it, and got to head over to Westlake for lunch with Chris at Fidelity. We joined 6 other friends that evening for the Texas Rangers game, and finally, at 12:30am, my head hit the pillow….exhausted and happy. 🙂

Now, my inbox grins sadistically at me, so it’s time to focus!

hearts and hugs,


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