the list: may

hi! I can’t believe I haven’t sent out my May list yet….I should probably add a new bullet point:

do things on time

Oh well, better late than never, right?

Let’s recap on last month’s goals…

  • engagement photos – pinterest boards have been made, emails have gone back and forth…now it’s a matter of finalizing details! We’ll probably end up taking the pics some time in June, due to our busy schedules, but shooting inside AND outside should alleviate the crazy heat.
  • shop for bridesmaids dresses – so….does trying on outfits to impersonate Hillary Clinton count? Because if so, then CHECK!
  • head out to the dog park – nope….not yet. Don’t give up on me Maya!

We’re in the month of May now, one of my favorite months thanks to my birthday and the beautiful spring weather! So what are my goals?

  • Run! Easy peasy…well, I hope. It’s the perfect weather for outside activities, so I need to take advantage before summer comes and my face melts away with my pride when I sweat buckets on the jogging path.
  • Check another item off my wedding list…yes, it’s vague, but I’m trying not to set myself up for failure here! So whether it’s shooting our engagement photos, or simply nailing down my colors, my goal is to scratch a line through something!
  • get out to the Arboretum…again, weather conditions are prime, and so is the season for the Dallas Arts district! Events are happening all the time, so my goal is to check out one or two…I’ll bring Chris and call it a date 😉

What are your goals for May? Anyone gearing up for a fun summer?

hearts and hugs,



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