tuesday’s tip: ginger

It’s spring time…it’s the season of allergies…and it’s also the start of my travelling season! My calendar has yet to be filled with fun and exciting trips, but many plans are in the works, and I can’t wait to get out there!

One drawback? Motion sickness.

Yes, I used to be “that girl”… the one sitting next to you on the plane, scrunched down in her seat, her head miserably placed in her hands as she tried to keep from sending the contents of her Starbucks breakfast all over the passenger in front. I LOVED to travel, yet the process of getting to and from my fun and exciting destinations usually left me nauseous with a raging headache. What a Catch 22.

I grew out of the motion sickness for the most part, gradually moving into the realm of my life where I really only get a bit nauseous once in a while, mostly due to weather or other physical circumstances.

While taking meds to calm the symptoms is all fine and dandy (Dramamine has been a friend!), I’ve found that taking ginger, whether in a supplement form or a chew, can also ease some of that “the-room-is-spinning-” feeling. I love buying crystallized ginger from the bulk bins at Central Market or Sprouts, but taking ginger in a tablet form, or even sipping some old fashioned ginger ale does the trick!

Ginger also aids digestion, so you can leave the Tums at home as well!

hearts and hugs,



  1. that picture is hilarious, i sent it to a ginger friend of mine that would get a kick out of it! i also get motion sickness but mostly from cars when i’m the passenger or the DC metro because it’s extra shaky! I should try taking some form of ginger sometime to get me through a long trip! Where can i find them? Do you recommend any specific ones?

    • haha nice! ahhh the metro…I envy your city life 🙂

      I like the Herbalife brand or Spring Valley brand for supplements….you can get this stuff anywhere, from Walgreens to Vitamin World…they also have chews, for people who can’t swallow pills very well. The pills aren’t very big though….

      The crystallized ginger is good! I get it in the bulk bins….it’s more of a sweet, spicy treat than anything else, but I love them! they’re great as an alternative to an after dinner mint 🙂

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