he’s stolen my heart….

and his name is JACK!

Okay, before you go up in arms and ask me what happened to Chris, I’m talking about THIS little guy!

my brand new nephew…isn’t he adorable??

I spent Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon down in Austin, enjoying some time with my sis and BIL as Pam gave birth to Jack. I’m so proud of how well Pam did! Even though the delivery was speedy (4 hours from her water breaking), the pain was NOT quick…but she handled it all like the strong woman I know her to be. The rest of our time was spent shuttling back and forth from the hospital to home, making sure Pam and John had everything they needed…which included lots of Starbucks runs! I’m so excited for this new life in our family….I can’t wait to watch him grow!




hearts and hugs,

Aunt Bebe 






  1. Aw, thank you for the pics! I’ve been dying to see more of baby Jack. He is so precious!

    • of course!! go check out mom’s album on facebook for a few more 🙂 i’m sure you can also con her into sending you some pics via iphone since she’s still down there with them till wednesday!

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