tuesday’s tip: makeup…in the fridge!

It might be nice and cool now…but just give it a few weeks before that nasty summer heat starts to bore down on us. Unfortunately, in Texas, summertime isn’t all relaxing by the pool, picnics in the park and trips to DisneyWorld. Summer in Texas is also sweating 24/7, burning the back of your legs on your car seats, finding melted chapsticks in your console, and trying to figure out how to dress appropriately at work while wearing the least amount of clothing. 🙂

While you might feel like your face is about to melt off, at least make sure your makeup is nice and fresh! Today’s tip is to keep your beauty products in the fridge! Mascara, eye pencils, eye creams, and even loose face powder can all be stored in your ice box. By keeping them in your fridge, the products stay fresher and firmer for a longer period of time. You also get the added benefit of a cool sensation on your face! Dabbing your loose powder on your cheeks in the morning will feel like a cool breeze (Cue relaxed sigh….)!

Now, if you’re worried you might mistake your eye cream for say…sour cream, well, then make sure you label your makeup very clearly! Otherwise, move the milk aside and put the makeup in!

hearts and hugs,




  1. Well done, booter. I like this one. 🙂

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