happy birthday baby!

Yesterday was my fiance Chris’ birthday, and I’m so happy I got to celebrate with him!

Since I met him two years ago, he’s gone from the goofy random guy at volleyball, to the goofy, sweet friend in my new community, to the goofy, caring boyfriend, and finally, to the goofy, loving future husband I have today. He’s amazingly gifted in remembering the little things, which I love so dearly. He’s smart, has a witty humor that keeps me on my toes, and can put a smile on my face quickly when he reverts back to his South African accent! We all know how much I love the accent!! 😉

I’m excited about spending the rest of my life with this man, and learning more and more about him each year we are together.

So let’s raise a glass (beer for him, wine for me) to my love! BC, I love you more each day 🙂

hearts and hugs,


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