It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten down and dirty with you all, so I figured on the day that I’m spring cleaning my office, I might as well do some spring cleaning in the ol’ closet of secrets, eh??

Well, they’re not so much secrets as they are omissions…. 😉


I’ve resorted to fully using Downy wrinkle releaser for all my de-wrinkling needs. The reason? I have an iron but I can’t find it…

I will most likely stop any conversation I’m having to coo at a cute dog walking by. Chris finds this hilariously annoying.

I’m still looking online at wedding dresses…even though I have mine. They’re just so pretty!

I eat one bite of an ice cream bar from my freezer every day. Just one. They last much longer this way. It’s kind of weird. I realize this.

So….got anything to confess today?

hearts and hugs,


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